Installing Software

To ensure complete installation of the labeling software, close all open software applications before you start installing the labeling software.

Barcode Label Designer Installer file provides standard Windows application install wizard.

Double click the installer file to start the installing. You could select a new folder in 'Select Destination Location', and tick 'Additional icons' in order to add the application icon on desktop.

Uninstalling Software

You can uninstall this program by following ways:

1. Select "Uninstal Barcode Label Designer" from the Barcode Label Designer section of the Windows Program menu. It will run the uninstall program which can remove Barcode Label Designer from your computer.

2. Click on Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel. Select Barcode Label Designer in the list of installed programs and click the Add/Remove button. Follow the instructions.