Change the Settings of a Barcode Object

Select the barcode object that you want to modify, you will see the propertyes list of barcode in the right Properties Panel.

The barcode properties are summarized below:


Width: Specifies the width of your bar codes.

Height: Specifies the height of your bar codes.

Barcode Type: Specifies the encoding scheme used to convert character data into the pattern of wide and narrow bars and spaces in a bar code.

Checksum: When enabled, add a check digit to your bar code. This property applies to Barcode Type values of Code 39, Code 11, Standard 2 of 5 and Interleaved 2 of 5.

Show Text: Specify whether or not to display the human readable characters with the bar code. Default is selected to show the barcode characters.

Show Indicator: Only the Barcode Type values of EAN-13, EAN-8 are valid.

Show Start Stop Char "*": Specify whether or not to display the start and stop characters in the human readable characters, used with Code 39 Full ASCII and Code 39 Regular only.

Guard Bar Height: Specifies the length of your UPC/EAN guard bars. If this property is set to 0, the guard bars are drawn the same as the normal bars.

Text Align: Specifies the position of the bar code text (human readable) in relation to the bar code.