Command Line

Below is some information about the command line options for using the program module, LabelDesigner.exe

    LabelDesigner.exe [label_name] [-refresh] [-print <labels:<copies>|records:<min_record_no>-<max_record_no>|all>] [-close]

Here the parenthesis mean the group of command-line arguments. The "|" means OR. Square brackets mean the argument or group of arguments is optional. Angle brackets mean the argument or group of arguments is mandatory. Below is the description of the command-line arguments that the program executable accepts:

label_name Launches the program and loads the specified label, it needs to include the full path.

-refresh If you have specified a data table which link to an external data sources for your label, LabelDesigner will reload the data from the original data sources.

-print Print the label to a printer. The following parameters are available:

-close If this argument is specified, the program will close after task run is over.

Here are some examples of running LabelDesigner with command-line arguments:

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